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He'll be easier to

kill if he's been Kissed first!"

There were noises of agreement. Dread filled Harry: To repel dementors they

would have to produce daisy fuentes wigs

Patronuses which would give them away immediately. types of wigs

"We're going to have to try to Disapparate, Harry!" Hermione whispered. bellami

Even as she said it, he felt the unnatural cold being spread over the street. Light wig styling

was sucked from

the environment right up to the stars, which vanished. In the pitch blackness, he felt gray wigs

Hermione take hold

of his arm and together, they turned on the spot.

The air through which they needed to move, seemed to have become solid: They

could not

Disapparate; the Death Eaters had cast their charms well. The cold was biting deeper and


into Harry's flesh. He, Ron and Hermione retreated down the side street, groping their

way along the wall

trying not to make a sound. Then, around the corner, gliding noiselessly, came dementors,

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