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The wizard roared with laughter at his own wit. Ron gave a forced chuckle. lace front wig

Yeah, he said, stupid, isnt it? lace front wig

And he and Harry let themselves into adjoining cubicles.

To Harrys left and right came the sound of flushing. He crouched down and lace front wig

peered through the gap at the bottom of the cubicle, just in time to see a pair of booted wigs tv

feet climbing into the toilet next door. He looked left and saw Ron blinking at him. noriko

We have to flush ourselves in? he whispered.

Looks like it, Harry whispered back; his voice came out deep and gravelly.

They both stood up. Feeling exceptionally foolish, Harry clambered into the toilet.

He knew at once that he had done the right thing; thought he appeared to be

standing in water, his shoes, feet, and robes remained quite dry. He reached up, pulled the

chain, and next moment had zoomed down a short chute, emerging out of a fireplace into

the Ministry of Magic.

He got up clumsily; there was a lot more of his body than he was accustomed to.

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