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I shall . . . think about it, said Griphook maddeningly.

But C Ron started angrily; Hermione nudged him in the ribs.

Thank you, said Harry.

The goblin bowed his great domed head in acknowledgement, then flexed his wig stores

short legs.

I think, he said, settling himself ostentatiously upon Bill and Fleurs bed, that lace front wig

the Skele-Gro has finished its work. I may be able to sleep at last. Forgive me. . . . wigs for african american women

Yeah, of course, said Harry, but before leaving the room he leaned forward and fake hair

took the sword of Gryffindor from beside the goblin. Griphook did not protest, but Harry

thought he saw resentment in the goblins eyes as he closed the door upon him.

Little git, whispered Ron. Hes enjoying keeping us hanging.

Harry, whispered Hermione, pulling them both away from the door, into the

middle of the still-dark landing, are you saying what I think youre saying? Are you

saying theres a Horcrux in the Lestranges vault?

Yes, said Harry. Bellatrix was terrified when she thought wed been in there,

she was beside herself. Why? What did she think wed seen, what else did she think we

might have taken? Something she was petrified You-Know-Who would find out about.

But I thought we were looking for places You-Know-Whos been, places hes

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