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solidified in his chest. Shapes moved out in the darkness, swirling bellami hair

figures of concentrated blackness, moving in a great wave towards

the castles, their faces hooded and their breath rattling...

ron and Hermione closed in beside him as the sounds of fighting

behind them grew suddenly muted, deadened, because a silence only

dementors could bring was falling thickly through the night, and

Fred was gone, and Hagrid was suurely dying or already dead... realistic wigs

"come on, Harry!" said Hermione's voice from a very long way away. real hair wigs

"Patronuses, Harry, come on!" bellami hair

he raised his wand, but a dull hopelessness was spreading

throughout him: How many more lay dead that he did not yet know

about? He felt as though his soul had already half left his body.... www wigs com

"HARRY, COME ON!" screamed Hermione.

A hundred dementors were advancing, gliding toward them, sucking

their way closer to Harry's despair, which was like a promise of a


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